AMC: Let's Play!

Update: Due to lack of interest and my increasingly busy schedule, unfortunately this is postponed indefinitely for at minimum a few weeks. Sorry folks!

Welcome! Here, you will find the latest scheduling of AMC: Let's Play! livestreams.

Heads up! The info below may be old. If there is any inconsistency between the calendar above and the rest of the page, the calendar is probably right.

I encourage you all to try every problem before the streams :).

Join the call: Google Meet (eyb-qyvq-nvk)

HomeworkBy Date/Recording
AMC 8 2010June 8 (N/A)
AMC 10 2000June 16 (N/A)
AMC 10 2001 #1-15June 23
AMC 10 2001 #16-25June 30
AMC 10A 2002 #1-15July 7
AMC 10A 2002 #16-25July 14
AMC 10B 2002 #1-15N/A