👋Hi!! I'm Yuto Nishida and I like to make things. This page lists some things I've made.

Some interesting things I'm actively working on:

  • This website. It's far from polished, and eventually I'd like to put most of my work here.
  • Post[]. Most of my cool small projects are here.

Projects that I consider completed and done:

  • Eartrain. A webapp that tests one's ability to identity notes from listening to random pitches in succession. Using a special notation for half-flats and half-sharps, every octave contains 24 different pitches to be selected from.
  • 22to7 – Prosol. A 3-day mini math camp I did to introduce advanced mathematics problem solving skills to middle schoolers.

These are currently on a hiatus:

  • CMT 2. A tool to organize the metadata of classical music tracks, now with a clean database of compositions.
  • 22to7 – AMC: Let's Play! Set of weekly livestreams where I solve past AMC problems, taking questions live.

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